Principal Cast Announced for Jesus Christ Superstar Norway

A press conference was held today to announce who will share the stage with lead Aksel Hennie in Scenekvelder’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Bjarte Tjøstheim, Espen Lind, Frode Winther, Ingrid Håvik, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Jonas Oftebro and Magnus Grønneberg are set to star alongside Hennie in the production, which opens at Folketeateret on 30th August.

Karianne Jæger, Executive Producer and owner of Scenekvelder AS said:

“This list of names speaks for itself. These are some of the country’s most talented performers filling the pivotal roles.”

Last week, it was revealed that Aksel Hennie would play the role of Jesus, while Ingrid Håvik will portray the character of Mary Magdalene. Håvik said:

“I am stepping into a musical universe that I am very excited about and looking forward to conveying to the audience. Also, the role I will play excites me, full of complexities and contradictions”

Håvik is an award-winning songwriter and artist in the band Highasakite. She has released solo albums, won both the Spellemann Prize and the Music Publisher’s Prize. Håvik is making her debut as an actress in this production.

Jeppe Beck Laursen, known from the international Netflix series The Last Kingdom, will take on the role of Judas. Laursen has had a career as an actor for over 40 years, featuring in major international films such as Hansel and Gretel: The Last Witch Hunters, Ragnarok, Beforeigners, as well as numerous productions in Norway, including Birkebeinerne, Dead Snow, The World’s Best SFO, and Labyrinth.

“I am tasked with portraying one of history’s most talked-about and hated figures, and it is a challenge that sparks my creative curiosity. The same goes for the impressive level of the team around me,” said Laursen.

Espen Lind, one of Norway’s most successful musicians and songwriters, will play the role of Pontius Pilate. Lind says:

“This is a complex character we are talking about here, and a role that was impossible to turn down when the opportunity presented itself.”

Lind rose to prominence as a musician in the 90s and has released several albums. He also works as a songwriter and producer for global stars like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Lind has also won a Grammy Award for the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train. He is currently a judge on the popular show The Voice on TV 2.

Magnus Grønneberg will play the role of Caiaphas. He says:

“I have my established pattern, where I alternately write, record, and perform music. Now I am breaking this pattern and moving well outside my comfort zone.”

Grønneberg is a renowned Norwegian artist and songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist and frontman of the popular Norwegian rock band CC Cowboys, formed in the late 80s. CC Cowboys have had a significant influence on the Norwegian music scene, winning several awards nationally and internationally.

King Herod will be portrayed by Bjarte Tjøstheim. With a long and successful career in humor and entertainment, Tjøstheim brings his unique talent to the stage as the character King Herod. Tjøstheim is widely known from the radio program Radioresepsjonen on NRK, the podcast Papaya, and films like Julekongen and the comedy program Underholdningsavdelingen on NRK.

“Alice Cooper has performed this role internationally, and naturally, I expected to receive the call from the casting director when I understood that the production would take place at Folketeateret,” says Tjøstheim.

Atle Halstensen, Artistic Director, and owner of Scenekvelder AS said:

“We are proud of the star-studded lineup we have assembled so far, and we look forward to sharing more information as the project develops further. But most of all, I am excited about the premiere of the show on August 30 at Folketeateret.”