The Boys in the Photograph opens in Canada

On 30th April 2009 The Boys in the Photograph received its first professional outing in Winnipeg’s Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Co-produced by David Mirvish and the Manitoba Theatre Centre, the first Canadian production of The Boys in the Photograph was directed by Ben Elton, who also wrote the book and lyrics– a coming-of-age story about love triumphing over evil, set against the backdrop of growing unrest and rising conflict in 1960’s Belfast.

The Boys in the Photograph re-envisioned Andrew and Ben Elton’s The Beautiful Game originally seen in London in 2000, adding three new songs to the score and re-working other elements of the show.

The Manitoba Theatre production completed its run on 23rd May 2009. Shortly afterwards, co-producer David Mirvish announced that the show would form part of the 2009-10 Mirvish Theatre Subscription Season, opening on 20th October 2009 at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto, again with Ben Elton directing.