Andrew on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans

This morning, Andrew was on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, alongside Harvey Weinstein, George Clooney and Nerina Pallot, talking about the OSCARS, the BAFTAs, Stephen Ward, making movies and musicals, re-mortgaging his house to put on Cats, writing Elvis Presley‘s last song It’s Easy For You and also the last song for the Everly Brothers Cold … amongst many other topics.

Also, the lovely Nerina Pallot finished off the show in style, with a live version of Another Suitcase Another Hall from Andrew’s Evita.  See her performance here.

It really was a juggernaut of a show, but if you missed it you can tune in and listen to it here (for the next 7 days), from 1 hour 51 mins in!