1. Compositions
  2. Chart Hits


Music has been part of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s life from his childhood. His father, William Lloyd Webber, was the Director of the London College of Music. Andrew’s mother was a piano teacher. It was perhaps not surprising that he developed an interest in composing from a very early age. By the time Andrew was three he was showing an aptitude for the piano, but his mother noted that “All the pieces he was supposed to play, he wouldn’t touch. he wanted to play his own tunes, and no others”.*

Andrew’s first published composition was in The Music Teacher magazine in 1959, when he was eleven, which gained critical approval from the publication’s editors. He had his first song commercially recorded in 1963 by Decca Records and he went on to write a total of eight musicals and scores of songs during the intervening years, until he met up with Tim Rice at the age of seventeen.

The worldwide chart and commercial success of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music gives it a life well outside of the theatrical stage. Andrew’s compositions range from a Requiem Mass through to Rock and Roll, Symphonic works through to Electro! As well as some of the most widely covered compositions in the world, such as the instantly recognisable Memory, or No Matter What.

*Michael Coveney – Cats on A Chandelier, The Andrew Lloyd Webber Story.