Aspects of Love – Original 1989 London Cast (Remastered)



ABOUT Aspects of Love
Aspects of Love is a musical in two acts, with music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Don Black and Charles Hart, based on the novel by David Garnett. The show tells the story of passion, love, life and loss across three generations of a family and their artistic companions, against a backdrop of 1940s France and Italy.


Act 1

  1. “Love Changes Everything”
  2. “A Small Theatre in Montphile”
  3. “Parlez-vous Français?”
  4. “The Railway Station”
  5. “Seeing is Believing”
  6. “The House in Pau”
  7. “An Art Exhibition in Paris”
  8. “A Memory of a Happy Moment”
  9. “In Many Rooms in the House at Pau”
  10. “On the Terrace”
  11. “Outside the Bedroom”
  12. “Chanson d’Enfance”
  13. “At the House at Pau”
  14. “Everybody Loves a Hero”
  15. “George’s Flat in Paris”
  16. First Orchestral Interlude
  17. “She’d Be Far Better Off with You”
  18. Second Orchestral Interlude
  19. “Stop. Wait. Please.”
  20. “A Registry Office”
  21. “A Military Camp in Malaysia”

Act 2

  1. Orchestral introduction to Act II
  2. “A Theatre in Paris”
  3. “Leading Lady”
  4. “At the Stage Door”
  5. “George’s House at Pau”
  6. “Other Pleasures”
  7. “A Cafe in Venice”
  8. “There is More to Love”
  9. “The Garden at Pau”
  10. “Mermaid Song”
  11. “The Country Side Around the House (Third Orchestral Interlude)
  12. “The Garden at Pau (Version 2)”
  13. “On the Terrace (Version 2)”
  14. “The First Man You Remember”
  15. “The Vineyard At Pau”
  16. “Up in the Pyrenees” (“Chanson d’Enfance” (Reprise) / “Love Changes Everything” (Reprise))
  17. “George’s Study at Pau”
  18. “Journey of a Lifetime”
  19. “Falling”
  20. “Jenny’s Bedroom in Paris”
  21. “Hand Me the Wine and the Dice”
  22. “A Hay Loft”
  23. “On the Terrace (Version 3)”
  24. “Anything But Lonely”
  25. “It Won’t be Long till Jenny’s a Woman”
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