Talking Touring With School Of Rock’s Rosalie

Ever wondered what it’s like touring with School of Rock? Want to know more about how the score relates to the tracks from the movie? Luckily, Rebecca Lock aka Rosalie Mullins in the show sat down to talk to us about her character, her favourite moments in the show, funny behind the scenes stories and more. Here is our interview – make sure to let us know what your favourite moments from the show are!


Can you introduce yourself, and tell us about your character in School of Rock?

Hello, my name is Rebecca Lock and I play Rosalie Mullins the Principal of Horace Green.


What’s both your favourite and least favourite thing about Rosalie? 

Rosalie is fabulous… she’s very organised, great at her job and harbours a secret passion for rock music. My least favourite thing is her taste in clothes! She enjoys a beaded necklace… and a strong court shoe!


Tell us about your favourite moment(s) in the show, and why you love them!

I adore the Roadhouse Bar scene, where she goes for a drink with Dewey and gets the chance to let go and reveal her true self when her favourite song comes on the jukebox.


How well do you feel Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score encapsulates the story and characters we all know and love from the film version?

The music slots so wonderfully into the script.. the songs that the children sing really elevate their stories… the musical heightens all the characters so brilliantly that their stories are fantastically clear- and of course, it’s a joy to sing.


What’s your favourite song from the show? 

My favourite song is “You’re In The Band” sung by Dewey and the children. I’m desperate to be in that number!!


Do you have any fun behind the scenes stories with the rest of the cast?

It’s a great group of people and we are having a wonderful time on the show… I’m currently working out many special handshakes with the children to perform before the show. Some are very complicated!!


Do you have any funny behind the scenes stories for us?

During the Roadhouse Bar scene, we actually drink fizzy drinks so more often than not I’m trying not to burp during my number “Where Did The Rock Go”… very glamorous!


If there was a rock song that perfectly summarised Rosalie, what would it be?

Not sure it’s a rock song but Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” comes close!


What advice would you give to your younger self while you were at school?

Enjoy it as it really is the BEST time of your life!! Oh, and do your homework!

Thank you to Rebecca for talking with us, and make sure to look our for the third instalment in our School of Rock interviews to find out more. Don’t forget to book your tickets for the UK tour now to make sure you’re firmly in the band.