Phantom Broadway Leads Record Brand New Trio Arrangement of ‘Think of Me’

After 35 years, Broadway’s longest-running show, The Phantom of the Opera closed at the Majestic Theatre on Sunday 16th April.

As the curtain drew on The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, cast members and fan favourites Ben Crawford (Phantom), Emilie Kouatchou (Christine) and John Riddle (Raoul) teamed up with pianist David Lai to record a stripped-back version of Think of Me.

This stunning rendition contains a brand new, three-part vocal arrangement, sung beautifully by Crawford, Kouatchou and Riddle, in a poignant music video. The video, which was aired exclusively by PEOPLE magazine, is now available to watch on YouTube.

The video is certain to make you smile (and maybe shed a tear). Join your fellow phans and share your fondest memory of Phantom in the YouTube comment section.

Following the overwhelming response to the music video, Think of Me (Broadway Trio 2023) is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen now, or get your hands on the sheet music to play it for yourself.