We sat down to talk with Jake Sharp, better known as the charismatic teacher Dewey Finn from the School of Rock UK tour. Discussing everything from Jake’s school days to his personal highlights from the show plus what it’s like touring and working with a cast full of young talent, here’s everything you wanted to know about Jake, Dewey and School of Rock!

How would you describe your character, Dewey, in one sentence?

A lovable layabout with an unwavering passion for music and a dream to be a Rock God.


What is your favourite thing about playing Dewey?

I love his childlike enthusiasm for all things ‘rock’ and how he doesn’t care what people think of him or his passion. He’s unafraid and slightly dangerous but completely lovable and naive. It’s constantly exciting to play a character with so few inhibitions.


If you were a teacher (and couldn’t teach music or performance), what would you want to teach?

Food tech – the days I got to make a fruit salad at school were up there with my favourites.


Do you have a favourite line or lyric from the show? If so, why is it your favourite?

“I am so sick and tired of being the guy that everyone comes to for the money that I owe them” – Dewey Finn. I think it perfectly sums up that side of his character.


How would you have described yourself at school in 3 words?

Shy. Lazy. Lucky.


What was it like working with Andrew on the West End production of School of Rock?

Super surreal – the first time he was in rehearsals I had to keep trying to articulate to myself that I was in a professional ALW musical in the presence of ALW. 15 year old me (even 25 year old me) would have laughed you out of the room at the very notion.


If Dewey was a rock song, which one would he be?

My instant choice was ‘Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin. It’s one of the most iconic parts of the movie, is an absolute tune, and is 100% Dewey’s energy.


If you could pick any other part to play in School of Rock (at any age), which would you choose?

Freddie. I would love to be able to play drums like that.



What’s it like working with a group of such talented children?

Annoying. Kidding!! Unbelievably inspiring and rewarding. Their talents are next level but it’s their positivity and bravery that blows me away. The energy level that they work at is infectious. They’re also incredibly funny.


How has touring been, and how does it differ from your experience playing Dewey in London’s West End?

Touring has its hard parts – the travel, finding a new place to stay each week, the varying schedule etc. But being able to take the show to all these new places has meant thousands of people have got to see it who might not be able to get to the West End. It opens the door to people who can’t afford the time or the costs of travelling and staying in London. It means that loads more families and schools have hopefully been inspired by it. The show is all about how music is so important and should be accessible to all and touring really helps do that.

A massive thanks to Jake for making the time to talk to us. Keep your eyes peeled for more cast interviews, as we’ll be chatting to others from the show soon!

Still wanting more? Take a look at what you can expect from the show below.


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