The official music video for “I Know I Have A Heart”, performed by Carrie Hope Fletcher, is out now! The video was shot in the Gillian Lynne Theatre, which is currently being transformed ahead of the show’s opening this summer.

Following the release late last year of “Only You, Lonely You” sung by Ivano Turco, “I Know I Have A Heart” is the second song by Carrie Hope Fletcher to be released from the forthcoming soundtrack, after “Bad Cinderella” came out to high acclaim in October.

Andrew said:I knew we needed a big power ballad moment for Cinderella and I am so excited for you to finally hear it. These things tend to come to you when you least expect them and I wrote this melody on a plane to LA. I sent it on to our lyricist and almost instantly David Zippel came back with the fantastic line, “I Know I Have a Heart Because You Broke it”. “I Know I Have A Heart” is Cinderella’s ‘unrequited love moment’ in the show but I won’t tell you more than that other than what a thrill it is to have a voice like Carrie’s record it.

You can also now pre-order a limited edition pink colour vinyl of the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella “Highlights” album!



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