On the launch of their new Patron Scheme, Theatres Trust is delighted to announce that Andrew has become a Theatres Trust Ambassador.

Part of a wider fundraising drive, the new Patron Scheme will enable supporters to deepen their relationship with the Theatres Trust and its work. The Theatres Trust is increasing its fundraising to support its ambitious plans, which include providing more grants to theatres to improve accessibility, viability and sustainability, increased support for community groups campaigning for local ‘Theatres at Risk’ and providing expert advice services to more theatres.

Andrew joins 24 other high profile Ambassadors who will work with the Theatres Trust to ensure the UK’s theatres are protected and secured for future generations to enjoy. His first act as Ambassador was to provide the space for the launch of the Theatres Trust’s new Patron Scheme last night at The London Palladium.

Read more about the news here.

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