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Love Never Dies...

9th, April, 2009

Love Never Dies…

As Andrew Lloyd Webber continues to work on _Love Never Dies_, a continuation of _The Phantom of the Opera_, there is a new destination where fans around the world can take their _Phantom_ passion to a whole new level… especially Phans with a Twitter account.

As a Phantom fan in Birmingham, UK watches the film version of _Phantom_, over in Fredricksburg, USA another fan is listening to the soundtrack. In Buenos Aires, they’re talking about the recent premiere of _Phantom_ in the city, and in London members of social networking site Twitter are starting to ask when _Love Never Dies_ is due to open.

A case of _The Phantom of the Opera_ is there… inside everyone’s minds? Not quite. The new _Love Never Dies_ website picks up mentions of _The Phantom of the Opera_, Andrew Lloyd Webber and _Love Never Dies_ made by fans across the worldwide web.

So if you’ve got a Twitter, Flickr or other social networking account, keep your eyes on www.loveneverdies.com and find out if your _Phantom_ comments and photos have made it onto the site… … but be warned – it can become addictive!